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We Sell and Support:

  • Model Railroading in G (new for 2019), O, HO, HO Marklin, HOn3, and N scales
  • Plastic Model Building for all ability levels and in all major genres and scales
  • Magic the Gathering Collectable Card Game
  • Model Rockets, Motors, and Accessories (new for March 2017)

Covid News:

As of December 14th, 2020 Rail Tales is operating according to its normal scheduled hours of operation under the Phase 3 Recovery for Virginia as modified by Executive Order 72. This order ends January 31st, 2021.

What this means for Rail Tales:

1) The first major change from the order 63 existing rules is that we are required to strictly enforce social distancing. Customers should maintain social distancing from all persons except those you arrived with. We can be charged with a crime if we do not enforce this rule so please bear with us. Among other things, this makes it impossible to hold our gaming events, therefore…

1a) All gaming events are moved to after store closing. Friday Night Magic will begin at 7 pm and Lazy Sunday Magic is suspended. Other events will be posted.

1b) Saturday Demonstrations have to be done at a distance if done in the store and therefore to make it practical, all demonstrations have to be conducted entirely in our workshop and are considered ‘social events’.

1c) Club Meetings will take place in our workshop in January. The meetings for December have been suspended.

2) The second major change from order 63 existing rules is that social gatherings may not have more than 10 people, so all Magic events and Club events are limited to 10 people.

3) The third major change from existing order 63 is that the mask order has been clarified and expanded. Face coverings now have to be worn in any settling where two or more people are occupying the same room other than their private residence. This does not effect the public but means our staff has to wear masks even when nobody is in the store. Also, masks must cover nose and mouth, not just the mouth. We are requiring that Rail Tales customers wear face coverings while in the store to comply with this order. Remember that your face covering protects others and their face covering protects you!

We are still working very hard to keep our surfaces sterile, including door handles and signature pens. Be assured that if any staff members are knowingly exposed to a Covid carrier, we will close as necessary to make sure we do not pose a risk to our customers. 

Thank you for your support.

Covid Update December 7th: All employees have now tested negative and Rail Tales has therefore resumed its planned December schedule including all events, subject to recommended safety measures.

On December 2nd, 2020, we were notified that one of our regular customers tested positive for Covid-19. This customer was in the store during the incubation period and so might have infected staff. This was NOT a MtG customer or event attendee, just a regular retail purchaser so most customers would not have been exposed except through staff.

Out of an abundance of caution and to protect the community, we chose to close the store pending negative test results for staff. We now have those negative test results.

If you have special concerns about exposure or if you simply find it more convenient, we offer curbside pickup. If you have special orders pending or know what you need, you may arrange for curbside delivery by calling 434-984-1170.

Thank you for your patience.






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