Vintage Items for Sale

Rail Tales sells Vintage Items that we have purchased from various sources or taken in trade.

All items listed as ‘serviced’ are not only working but have been cleaned and given our usual conditioning (cleaning, lubrication, minor repairs). Serviced items come with a 30 warranty from Rail Tales against failure under ordinary use conditions.

All items listed as ‘operational’ have been checked to ensure that they are in working condition but these items have not necessarily been serviced or worked on in any way. We warranty that they function to an ordinary standard of performance when they leave the store and will happily demonstrate that they function to in-store customers. If they fail in some way that we should have detected when we tested them then we will accept returns or we will repair them at our expense.

All items listed as ‘inspected’ are warrantied to have all parts except as listed but are not warrantied to function.

All items sold ‘as is’ are sold as they appear with the understanding that we believe them to be functionally intact but have not inspected them sufficiently to see that minor parts are present or in good condition.

This is not a shopping cart (yet!) and these listings may not be up to date. This list is NOT comprehensive by any means and many hundreds of items we received prior to creating this page are not listed. Call or email us to check on availability, to reserve items, and to order items (434-984-1170) or come visit our store.

Items not yet inspected and/or serviced will be inspected and serviced if necessary upon request. This cost is included in the listed prices.

Vintage O Gauge

Vintage HO Brass

Vintage HO Gauge (not ready)

Vintage Marklin (not ready)


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