Two Rivers (N Scale)



The Two Rivers layout is essentially the same track plan as Shadow Canyon with the addition of a pair of spurs on the left/west side to allow for further expansion. It is 4’6″ long and 2’6″ deep, about 3 inches larger in each direction than Shadow Canyon. At the request of the client, the canyon was replaced by a river and the river moved to the south and west perimeter in order to allow for a larger town area (the grey areas- they are covered with our custom ‘rail yard’ mix so they look okay until the buildings are ready) and a significant rural area for a farm (the smooth green grass on the west side).


CIMG3802As usual, the base structure is insulation foam board with wood bracing. We installed an artist board perimeter trim and painted it brown.



All track is Peco code 80, painted and weathered by hand, laid over cork roadbed and ballasted. We have been very impressed with the performance of Peco insulated frog switches.



Note the caboose ground throws. These are connected by brass tubes and push-rods to the far turnouts. We glued styrene blocks to the foam and imbedded it in sculptamold. We then could screw the ground throws to the blocks.



The road is Woodland Scenics Smooth It. The crossings are Blair Line.



The RR bridges are Micro Engineering. The Highway bridge is scratch built from plastic. The control box is scratch built from styrene. This is a dual cab controlled layout.



The mountain is made from the new Woodland Scenics foil system with Sculptamold hand sculpted rock face.



The rivers use our standard technique for rocky rivers. We sculpt and paint the base of the river, then apply Woodland Scenics talus, Realistic Water with a little Stone Grey (which is green), Water Effects, and some white paint mixed into Realistic Water. My terrible photos don’t do it justice.

This layout has been completed to the extent requested by the client. The client will be finishing the layout, adding buildings and details.



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