Ski Country (Marklin HO)

This is a Marklin HO Layout built using the track plan from Octoberfest modified for entirely different scenery.

The concept is alpine country with a train running from the bottom of the mountain up into the high reaches to a ski village.

The location of the spur track was rotated 180 degrees because of the ski village location. This layout has no bridges, so the track cost is less than Octoberfest. It is also conventionally controlled with conventional switches.

The client requested that the layout be delivered with the ski village installed but no other buildings. The ski lodge and train station(s) would be added later.

The design called for a ski lift but this was not available at the time of construction. It has since been installed. It operates and runs from the ski village to the mountain top.

The buildings all have lights and in true holiday spirit, a Christmas tree with lights has been added.

The lower level has an ice skating pond. This was one of the most difficult bits of scenery I have every built. Getting the color right was challenging and involved using tinted Vallejo water gels ‘thinned’ with clear Woodland Scenics Realistic Water with a bit of Woodland Scenics Snow added (but just a bit). Important note: pour the pond before adding the snow. the resin will wick into the snow around it otherwise and empty your pond in short order! This means you have to put on the snow VERY carefully around the pond after the resin is done.

The client installed the trees himself and did an excellent job. Note that the trees are all placed in odd numbered clusters. For some reason to the Human brain, this looks more natural. Always plant natural areas in odd numbers.

The photos were taken both at my workshop and in the client’s home. Note how different lighting dramatically changes the hues. I should have evaluated the client location before choosing colors. In this case I got lucky and the client and I loved the way the colors turned out but that is not always true. Always check the lighting at the installation point…

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