Sample Layouts

Not all layouts constructed or partially constructed by Rail Tales are shown in this sample. Some customers did not want their layouts photographed while a couple of layouts were not photographed  because I either didn’t have my camera or simply forgot to take pictures. One layout is awaiting completion before pictures are taken at the request of the owners.

We also elected not to show layouts that either have primarily scenery that Rail Tales did not build or layouts which do not have any scenery at all.

The layouts presented show a general perspective on the types of work that Rail Tales does.

Most layouts are a work in progress. Even layouts that look finished (such as Octoberfest and Shadow Canyon) really aren’t. Even Four Seasons, which was presented as finished, will likely have additions made.

My poor photography skills hardly do some of the work justice and as better pictures become available, I will post them. The store display layouts are best viewed in person and are available for viewing at our retail location. You can even take your own pictures if you like…


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