Return Policy

Rail Tales Returns Policy


1)    The customer must have a receipt or other strong evidence of purchase from Rail Tales. In many cases we record customer information at the time of purchase and this constitutes proof of purchase.


2)    Re-sellable merchandise may be returned by the original purchaser up to 7 business days after purchase. The return may be for credit (in the form of a gift certificate), exchange, or refund or some combination of the three. To qualify as re-sellable, the item must be in the same condition as delivered to the customer originally. It cannot have been opened or used in any manner after delivery.

Any product which has electrical components cannot be resold as new once it has been passed into the hands of the customer and so cannot be returned for refund. There are limited exceptions to this rule.

Purchasers seeking a refund and who used a credit card must present the credit card used or else must pay a 5% penalty to Rail Tales to cover the cost of the original credit card use.

Re-sellable merchandise may be returned by a secondary owner (such as the recipient of a gift) for credit or exchange only. We do not give cash refunds for returned gifts.


3)    Defective merchandise for which Rail Tales is an authorized dealer may be returned to Rail Tales for credit or exchange. In addition, Rail Tales reserves the right to instead make repairs on site so long as such repairs conform to factory standards or to send the item to the manufacturer for repairs or replacement. All items presented for return due to defect must otherwise be in good condition and show no signs of abuse or unusual usage. Such items must also have the original packaging.


4)    Defective merchandise for which Rail Tales is NOT an authorized dealer may be returned for credit or exchange only in cases where Rail Tales itself is able to obtain a credit or replacement for the defective item. For items which Rail Tales cannot accept as a return due to manufacturer restrictions, Rail Tales will assist the customer in all dealings with the manufacturer.


5)    Rail Tales does test run all locomotives prior to sale. For this reason, new locomotives will rarely be accepted as a return! However, Rail Tales will assist the customer in dealing with the manufacturer.


6)    Special Order and Advance Order items may not be returned at all except in the case of manufacturer’s defect.


7)    Items sold as ‘used’ may not be returned and no warranty is given or implied except as may be stated in specific cases.


Rail Tales services all used locomotives it sells and so these items are delivered with a limited warranty from Rail Tales good for 30 days of ordinary and customary use.


8)    Products which are part of a package deal discount may only be returned for exchange with like kind product of equal value or as a credit towards the purchase of a product of like kind which is of greater value except in the case of manufacturer’s defect. Such products must otherwise be eligible for return as well.


9)    We would like to know why you are returning the item so that we may assist you and our other customers better in the future but you don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to unless there is a defect.



Misrepresenting the condition of an item being presented for return such as claiming an item is not used when it has been used or that it is re-sellable when it is defective, or that a defect is the manufacturer’s fault when in fact it occurred due to events after purchase, etc., is not fair to us nor is it fair to the next person who might buy the item. It is also a felony.





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