Store Arrivals and Departures

Since moving, we have renamed this section ‘store arrivals’ to announce all sort of new things that have come in. We don’t post every item, just broad categories of new things we are doing and things we are getting rid of.

January 2015

Happy Birthday Rail Tales! As of January 24th, we are 1 year old as an independent hobby shop. Our three year anniversary as a business is coming up in June.

I apologize but it seems we have neglected this space…

We are now (as of December) a Microtrains dealer and have brought in a wide selection of their fine products.

We have purchased 2 large and 1 small collection of O gauge items. See Flea Market for details as these things get processed.

We have a very large selection of Vintage HO locomotives and rolling stock, especially for European railroad fans.

We continue to add vintage HO building kits and accessories.

We have expanded our overhead rack system.


September 2014

Rail Tales is now a dealer for Hunterline  Stains, Funaro & Camelengo car kits, and NCE.

Rail Tales is a dealer for ANE control systems. These are servos used to position turnouts (switches). They are very easy to install and set up and cost less per turnout than Tortoise machines. We have a demonstration unit in the store.

Rail Tales now has an in-store test track for HO, Marklin, HOn3, O, and N scale in both digital and conventional control formats, so you can try it before you can buy it.

All new HO, N, and HOn3 Locomotives and rolling stock are 20% off MSRP for cash purchases. Some items will have even deeper discounts. Credit card sales will be discounted 15%. This is a more or less permanent sale.

May 2014

The Woodland Scenics new rack has arrived and the new products are amazing. We haven’t had a chance to try everything but we have tried the new Shaper Sheets and they are going to be standard products when we build layouts from now on. Per square foot the system costs more than the old hard shell system but it is SO much faster and SO much neater that our customers will save money (because of fewer billable hours from us) and we’ll have less cleanup, so everyone wins. For those of you who have the time, however, the old plaster cloth hard shell is still the most economical system.

Model Power has gone out of business. That means many of their products will disappear. This will be especially hard on those using their lights and signals as there are no matches out there at the moment. Buy it while you can…

Walthers had their annual sale on Marklin at the end of April which allowed us to buy a bunch of locomotives at prices well below normal. So low that we will be selling these items to you for about the same price they used to cost us! Come in and check them out- first come first serve.


April 2014

We have received and processed a large number of previously owned pieces of HO track, rolling stock, and quite a few locomotives. We have checked and refurbished everything and have put them out for display. If you are looking for some vintage HO pieces that work well, come by and check out our selection.

We anticipate that by mid April we will have the new Woodland Scenics subterrain and terrain rack with all new products. Some of these have been needed in the market for a long time such as markers for painting road stripes and pre-cast/pre-colored rocks. Some are new concepts we are eager to try out, such as the mountain making foil.

March 2014

We are adding K&S metal wire and tubing and basic shapes over the course of the month as well as screws and fastener accessories. We also have a good assortment of scale lumber. Basswood should be coming soon.

Vallejo has additional air colors for weathering, including ‘dirt’.

We have purchased a number of HO collections and so have quite a few bargains available for the cost conscious. This includes some basically brand new locomotives at substantial savings (so substantial and new that the MAP applies and we can’t actually advertise the price…).

Bandai has released NEW Star Blazers 2199 kits and they are incredible! The Yamato has a partial interior and a whole squadron of support fighters!

European Railroading is REALLY popular locally and we are cycling through European buildings very quickly. New arrivals every week.

New Hornby code 100 flex track actually holds its position without nails or glue. Just flex and leave it. How cool is that! AND it costs the same as Atlas.

February 2014

Store Improvements:

The book and magazine racks have been installed, filling the front wall. Yay! Customers can find everything easily now and we will be adding lots of new titles to fill up the empty slots.


Trains Arriving:

Marklin- My World battery powered steam locomotives starter sets and stand alone locomotive kits have arrived! We also restocked existing starter sets.

N Scale- new Bachmann digital equipped steam locomotives are in. Very cool…


Games Arriving:

Magic the Gathering Born of the Gods set is in.


Paints/Tools Arriving:

Vallejo pigments and washes are in. We have also assembled weathering sets using Vallejo products. A dozen new colors are arriving this month as well, including new weathering colors.

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