Rail Tales through the end of 2019 had built or built a portion of at least 150 layouts. We have also built museum dioramas and custom built, painted, and decorated at least 100 locomotives and rolling stock pieces. Check out some of our work…

Not all layouts constructed or partially constructed by Rail Tales are shown in this sample. Some customers did not want their layouts photographed while a couple of layouts were not photographed because I either didn’t have my camera or simply forgot to take pictures. Many projects are awaiting a suitable write-up or are awaiting completion before pictures are taken at the request of the owners.

We also elected not to show layouts that the ‘visible portion’ is not our work- that is where we did the track and electrical work but not the scenery: we don’t want to take credit for what you see when we didn’t do it!

The layouts presented show a general perspective on the types of work that Rail Tales does.

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