Four Seasons (N Scale)

The Four Seasons layout project was commissioned by a husband as a present for his wife. The concept he wanted was to represent places he and his wife had visited in their lives together with a train carrying the couple as passengers passing through these scenes. I came up with the ‘four seasons’ idea to provide transition. After much discussion, it was agreed that the scenes represented would be Washington D.C.’s Tidal Basin while the cherry trees were in bloom (Spring), Glacier National Park (Summer), Shenandoah National Park (Fall), and Mt. Washington (winter). Also, at the intersection of the figure eight design sits a farmhouse painted up to look like their current home.

The characteristic items the client wanted included were the lookout tower on Mt Washington, the tram railroad ascending Mt Washington, a Lodge and lake for Glacier National Park (there is a famous lodge and lake at the base of the main glacier system), campers in a tent on the mountainside, hikers mooning the train (apparently some sort of tradition) and of course the cherry trees. I was able to find and include these items.

Note the glaciers, waterfall (very typical of GNP in summer), rough textured tidal pool, smooth textured lake, and how the different seasonal scenes were blended together. Not easily seen in the photos are the mooners, camping tent, bears, deer, mountain goat, and various hikers representing the couple.

In the future, additional scenes can be added to the large grassy areas.

Total size: 24″ x 48″ with a Kato Unitrack figure eight and conventional controller. The base and mountains are all rigid foam covered with Sculptamold. All rock faces are sculpted and painted. The still water material is Woodland Scenics Realistic Water while the Tidal Basin is done with Vallejo Water Gel and the waterfall with Woodland Scenics Water Effects.

She liked it very much…


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