Field and Stream (N)

Field and Stream was originally the library project for “True Grit” showing western prairie terrain. The customer purchased a more modern locomotive (and RS-3) and rolling stock and wanted appropriate scenery for a rural eastern scene. The basic scenery coating is our custom Prairie Mix over Sculptamold.

This layout represents farm country in the eastern US more or less anywhere in the Piedmont region. Where our store is located in Central Virginia, we have scenes like this within a few miles in every direction.

The simple track plan is not so simple: note the reversing Wye! However, fitting that Wye onto a 2′ x 4′ foot board has its disadvantages- the minimum radius is only 9.75″ on the inside loop. The track is code 80 Atlas flex and turnouts. All turnouts are manual.


The trees are Woodland Scenics clump foliage and foliage clusters. We tried a variety of other tree options and decided they did not work as well. Notice how we concentrated the vegetation along the ridges and streams and fence lines, which is typical topography in farm country.


The buildings are all pre-fabricated structures from Woodland Scenics to which we applied additional weathering with Hunterline stains, Vallejo washes, Bragdon weathering powders, and Vallejo acrylic dry-brushing.

The railroad crossings are from Blair Line. The roads are Woodland Scenics road gravel with Hunterline Stains applied. The railroad bridges are scratch built from basswood scale lumber stained with Hunterline Stains. The water is Woodland Scenics Realistic Water over talus.

The fences are photo-etch brass barbed wire with wood posts.

The client will be applying figures, signs, and other details.

The entire layout with locomotive and power pack cost the client under $1400 including figures and vehicles not applied yet (after applying our layout component discount).



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