Welcome to the Rail Tales gaming page.


Rail Tales no longer sells board or strategy games.

Rail Tales is a WOC approved Magic location and hosts Friday Night Magic (FNM) starting at 6:30 pm every week as well as pre-release, release, and Game Day events. We also have offer Magic on Sunday Nights at 6 pm in an event we call “Lazy Sunday Night Magic” (LSNM).

Please see the Scheduled Events section for planned events and formats for FNM and LSNM.

Our hours of operation are:

Tuesday thru Thursday: 11 am – 7 pm

Friday: 11 am –  7 pm*.

Friday Night Magic (FNM) starts at 6:30 but we’d like you to get here by 6:15 if possible for registration.

*Although the store closes officially at 7 pm, participants in the event and any parents or other persons providing transport to participants are allowed to stay until the event concludes. This is typically 10 pm. The Magic event coordinator is Nathan Robb.

Monday: closed



Disclaimers etc:

Friday Night Magic and other MtG events are open to anyone but we do insist on contact information and identification of all persons playing. If you are under the age of 18, we ask for parent or guardian contact information.

We reserve the right to evict, ban, or exclude any person from participation in any store event if we feel in our sole discretion that they are causing a disruption to the enjoyment of others or to the operation of the store or if we feel they are an unwarranted security or insurance risk. NO refund of any fees paid will be considered owed to the person so evicted, banned, or excluded.

Attendees must conform to all store policies, including the current Covid policy.




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