Central Virginia Marklin Enthusiasts

Central Virginia has a lot of people who like Marklin trains. Many of these were customers of the old Comic Game Hobby Place. Many brought their love of Marklin from elsewhere. Some have been introduced to Marklin through Rail Tales.  However we all arrived at our particular passion, we all love the product and enjoy operating our equipment for others to enjoy. Sadly, Marklin club layouts are rare.

Many of you have post war Marklin trains and layouts or at least you have the trains. Many of you have all new trains and layouts. Most have a mixture. However, Marklin was clever enough to make sure that even the very latest trains still work on the old post-war track and systems. For this reason our least common denominator is to operate a club layout on the older style track and systems.

A local enthusiast with an elaborate layout in progress has generously offered his extensive layout as a club operating site until we can possibly build something as a group. His layout can accommodate six trains at once with long runs, so operating sessions of 6-8 people would be appropriate. In exchange for his generosity, I think we fellow enthusiasts could pitch in and help him with his scenery construction once we have a plan worked out.

Rail Tales will do the actual work at a discounted rate if the other club members could come up with some help in paying for it. Or you can help out with the actual work.

If you are interested in forming a Marklin Club locally, please contact me.

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