Scheduled Events for 2019


Major Announcement

Due to Changes in the board game industry, we find that it is no longer economically viable for us to continue stocking board games. Therefore effective immediately, we will be selling off and not replacing our remaining stock at a discount deeper than allowed by the manufacturer. All Board games will be 35% off for card and 40% off for cash.

This decision does not effect Star Wars Legion (a miniature game), Magic the Gathering, and Keyforge, all of which we will continue to support.

We want to thank all our game customers for their loyal support over the last five years and apologize for not being able to continue to stock board games.

General News:

All Month: Rail Tales has a lot of layout work to do! We will be working on parts of five different projects in the store: two Marklin HO layouts, one 2 rail HO layout (Charleston Project), one N scale layout, and one O scale layout (structures).

Saturday, January 5th: Rail Tales will hose a demonstration of basic model building and painting techniques from 2 to 4 pm. The subject for this demonstration will be figure building and painting, specifically Star Wars Legion figures.

Saturday, January 12th: Rail Tales will host a demonstration of weathering and basic airbrushing using Vallejo products from 2 to 4 pm. The Model Club meeting follows at 4:30.

Sunday, January 20th: Rail Tales will be closed to regular customer traffic in order to host the Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release event for Magic the Gathering. Customers picking up or dropping off products will be allowed to do so but as we have to rearrange the store for this event, we will not be able to accommodate browsers. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Saturday, January 19th: Rail Tales will host a demonstration of basic trackwork and related items from 2 to 4 pm. The exact subject to be determined later upon request. Unless otherwise suggested, the subject of this demonstration will be lights and wiring on an HO module.

Wednesday, January 24th: Rail Tales starts its sixth year in business at this location! Thanks to all our customers for their support in making this possible.

Saturday, January 26th: Rail Tales will host a demonstration of our basic scenery techniques from 2 to 4 pm. This will include sculptamold ground work, grass work with and without a static grass applicator, and other subjects upon demand.


Gaming News:

See announcement above.

Every Friday: Friday Night Magic (FNM) will continue to be draft format. The draft starts at 6:30 pm and cost $14.00. The draft format will be Guilds of Ravnica on the 4th, 11th, and 18th. The draft format will switch to Ravnica Allegiance for the draft on the 25th. Optionally, players on the 25th may choose to play sealed format if we have enough product left over from the previous week pre-release.

Every Saturday EXCEPT the 12th: Keyforge open play  5 until 7 pm.

Sunday, January 13th: Rail Tales will host the Ravnica Allegiance Open House for Magic the Gathering from 6 pm until closing. This is a free Standard event with special promos but is also a chance to come in and learn how to play MtG.

Sunday, January 14th: Rail Tales will host the Ravnica Allegiance Pre-release event for Magic the Gathering. Registration for this event starts noon. The event itself starts at 1 pm. This is a Sealed event with a fixed cost of $25.99. Pre-registration is available and the first 18 persons to pre-register will receive special deck boxes. As always, if we get at least 18 attendees, we will provide free pizza. In addition to the usual prize support, we are also giving away one unopened and unexamined Ultimate Masters Box Topper.

Sunday, January 27th: Rail Tales will host a draft format event for Ravnica Allegiances starting at 6 pm. The store will be open for attendees only for this event. The cost and prize structure is the same as for our regular Friday Night Magic.


Club News:

Saturday, January 12th: The Charlottesville Model Club will meet beginning at 4:30. Note the later start time to give me a chance to clean up after the demonstration. As our new tradition, Kitty Hawk Models/Panda Models is providing a free kit as a door prize. You MUST be present at the end of the meeting to qualify.

Mike Powers and Bret Jones will be demonstrating two (very) different face/flesh painting techniques. Members are encouraged to participate but figures must be primed and ready for painting.

Sunday, January 27th: The Jefferson Railroad Club will have a planning and work session starting at 1 pm. This event is open to non-members.